Lauren Verseman is a  Staff Attorney Metropolitans at Saint Louis Equal Housing and Opportunity Council.

Lauren Verseman graduated from University of Southern California, she finished her Master in Political Science and International Organizations at Sciences-Po (Institute d’Etudes Politiques) in Paris, France. She graduated coursework in Public Policy through St. Louis, University. She gained her Juris Doctor Degree at Washington University, School of Law.

Lauren Verseman received the Certificate of Excellence in Oral Advocacy and was awarded David M. Becker Public Interest Fellow at Washington University School of Law.

She has various publications such as:

Zachary Schmook and Lauren Verseman, Welcome to the Village: An Analysis of How St. Louis County Occupancy Permit Schemes Perpetuate Segregation and Violate the Constitution, 24 J. AFFORDABLE HOUSING & COMMUN. DEV. L. 211 (2015).

Lauren Verseman, Corporate Social Responsibility: Are Franchises Off the Hook, Or Can A Treaty Catch Them? 16 Wash. U. Global Stud. L. Rev. 221 (2017).

Verseman is serving as Secretary of the Board. She is determined to advocate for the ministries and our clients.