Over the last five years, DNM Nurse, Virginia Springmeyer RN has supported the work at the the Muslim Community Services of St. Louis – Salam Clinic in Ferguson, Missouri. There, she and volunteer physicians from a St. Louis Muslim doctors group provide health services to low-income residents living in the community. They’ve provided free care to thousands of people over the years, and they care for anyone in need – regardless of ethnicity, religion – even insurance accessibility.

By opening a free health clinic, the Muslim doctors have improved interfaith relations in the community. The clinic’s existence has helped break down social barriers, stereotypes and biases, and more people are feeling connected to one another as a result.

From this important work in the community, the Muslim Community Services of St. Louis – Salam Clinic team was awarded the Malachi Interfaith Award at Temple Israel last Friday evening. Several of the clinic physicians accepted the award. Virginia Springmeyer RN was in attendance as well.

“The physicians volunteer their time, so it’s wonderful that they are being recognized. We’re proud Deaconess Nurse Ministry can partner with the clinic by providing nursing as well as coordinating an additional facility at St. Peter’s UCC (Ferguson), where I serve as a parish nurse,” says Virginia.

The award included a $5,000 cash prize, which will help fund needed supplies and operation costs at the clinic. All involved were honored to receive such recognition and are excited they can do more for people in the community.


About the Award

In 1986, Congregation Temple Israel established the Malachi Award Competition which seeks to showcase individuals, programs, and acts of outstanding excellence in the area of interfaith relations. The Malachi Award is given to encourage positive programs of religious, social, and humanitarian significance in the Greater St. Louis area. The award seeks to honor individuals and groups who have acted at the highest level of religious tradition with a positive course of action.