Deaconess Nurse Ministry’s integrated approach includes the mental, physical, and spiritual health of each adult or low-income senior our team serves, and that creates an opportunity for wholistic intervention that can lead to wellness, knowledge and/or more effective strategies for coping with chronic conditions. Through Deaconess Nurse Ministry’s work, individuals learn how to take control of their own total wellbeing and often communicate their knowledge to others – increasing the opportunity for them to lead healthier lives.

Benefits of a faith community nursing include:

  1. A Faith Community Nurse promotes access to healthcare expertise and services by embedding themselves into familiar community places.
  2. A Faith Community Nurse encourages the entire community to be active in its role to provide wellness and care.
  3. A Faith Community Nurse enhances the ability of the community to respond to health needs, impacting the total wellness of all.
  4. A Faith Community Nurse increases the awareness and access to community health care providers and resources.
  5. A Faith Community Nurse emphasizes disease prevention and health education in a wholistic way.
  6. A Faith Community Nurse empowers people to assume a proactive stance in promoting a healthy lifestyle.