Deaconess Nurse Ministry exists to care for all by providing whole-person health care that offers the healing love of God.


Our nurses work to improve and promote the health of body, mind, and spirit in all people in the St. Louis region. This is done by utilizing special training that focuses on providing care to the most vulnerable in our community, be they children, adults or seniors.  Our nurses serve at food pantries, daycare centers, houses of worship, outreach centers, independent senior facilities, affordable housing units, community centers and in individual homes.   The people we serve range in age and economic status, all struggle to live healthy lives.

What makes our services unique is that Deaconess Nurse Ministry uses professional nurses trained to address not just the physical and mental health needs of an individual but spiritual needs.  This whole-person approach has much more of an impact on improving health and well-being than trying to change a risky health behavior without addressing spiritual factors that also play a part.