Grievance Procedures and policy for clients

Deaconess Nurse Ministry respects every client’s right to a clear and fair process for clients to bring up
problems, complaints and disagreements with the organization’s actions and decisions. The following
procedures are to be shared with all staff and volunteers interacting with clients:
1. All clients will receive a copy of this policy, along with client’s rights and responsibilities when
they start receiving services.
2. Employees are to make sure clients understand their right to file a grievance at any time during
the services and that retaliation such as end to services is not permitted due to grievance being
3. If a client brings up to an employee a complaint, problem or issue with services received, the
employee can first see if the situation can be resolved with the employee and/or a supervisor.
4. If the complaint can not be resolved informally, the employee is to direct the client to the
grievance process and provides support on filing it. If the grievance is with the employee, the
client can call the Executive Director or Clinical Supervisor for support. If the grievance is with
the Executive Director, the board chair will be called for support and resolution.
5. The client can either put in writing on the grievance form or call the Executive Director or
Clinical supervisor with the complaint. The Clinical supervisor will contact the client making the
grievance and work with them toward a resolution.
6. If a resolution can be found, the Clinical supervisor will follow up the resolution with client in
7. If resolution cannot be met through this process, the grievance is to go to Executive Director for
final review and determination.
8. The final response from the Executive Director is to go in writing to the client with the grievance.
The written response must include information that the client may still receive services and will
not be retaliated against for the grievance.
9. If the grievance shows that the actions taken by employee(s) was incorrect or violated policy or
procedures, that employee may receive corrective action. If the grievance shows that policies or
procedures are harmful or against internal, contract, state or federal laws, Deaconess Nurse
Ministry will take steps to change and address the policies and procedures. If the grievance has
the appearance of violating any state or federal laws, state and/or federal authorities will be
10. All grievances will be addressed within 30 days and be kept on files for 10 years in a secure and
confidential location in the office of Deaconess.