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  • About Us
    About Us

    Leading the movement to wholistic care and wellness.

    Deaconess Nurse Ministry provides mental, physical and spiritual health – related services, education and advocacy  to  churches and various organizations in effort to create communities of wholistic wellness.

  • Our Programs
    Our Programs

    Deaconess Nurse Ministry delivers specific health services, education and advocacy.

    Our programs include:  Care Transitions Faith Community Nurse Program; Senior Faith Community Nurse Program; Congregational Faith Community Nurse Program; Outreach Community Care Program

  • News & Updates
    News & Updates

    Learn important information about your health.

    News and updates about our Ministry and important health issues.

  • Benefits

    We believe the right person with the right approach can empower people to take better care of themselves.

    By integrating body, mind and spirit, our faith community nurses create an opportunity for intervention that can lead to prevention, wellness and more effective strategies for coping with chronic disease.

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