Since January, Cindy Siple RN has served the nearly 75 residents at Zion Corner Apartments / Sammie E. Jones Residences in South St. Louis City by operating the Homer Schmitz Memorial Health Clinic, funded and managed by St Andrew’s Senior Solutions and Cape Albeon board.

For many residents, her 5-day a week on-site presence has meant a never-before-felt sense of security and relief. Cindy’s holistic care focus has enabled residents to receive services to improve their physical, mental and spiritual well-being.  She also advocates for residents by communicating with doctors, pharmacies and insurance providers.

“Most residents had to manage their care on their own prior to the on-site clinic opening. Many traveled to see providers, but accessibility is limited. Therefore, many were going to the emergency room to receive care, which creates unnecessary expenses,” says Cindy.

Through the clinic, residents can be proactive about their health. Cindy can provide regular screenings for blood pressure and blood sugar levels. She also coordinates training and education seminars in the community on important health topics. She’s beginning a class on heart health factors in the coming weeks as well.

A primary goal of Cindy’s work is to help reduce unnecessary hospital visits and hospitalization for residents long-term. And, she’s already experiencing related outcomes within a few months. Recently she helped a resident with high blood pressure and regular feelings of illness by assessing whether their medication usage had an impact on their symptoms. She discovered the dosage was in fact causing the sickness, and she worked with their doctor to change the prescription. The resident’s health improved instantly.

Cindy is proud that she can be a go-to resource for the seniors living in the community, and she’s grateful that her presence has been well received.  Because of her, residents will receive the quality care they deserve in the comfort of their home.

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