We would like to share one of many stories of how Deaconess Nurses are helping others during this difficult  time.
Late Saturday afternoon, Elizabeth George from the St Louis Community Foundation, reached out to our Executive Director – Donna Smith-Pupillo. A person had emailed her pleading for her family with needs and asked if Deaconess Nurse Ministry could do something to help. Donna called Reta, one of our nurses, to follow up.
Reta called this person, who shared that their 29 years old sister is living with the family and has been diabetic since she was 11 years old, with further complications of hypertension and a history of stroke. She is currently doing dialysis 4 days a week. She has a diabetic ulcer on the left great toe with some necrotic tissue.
This person themselves was receiving active cancer treatment at Siteman. She has a daughter who is mentally disabled, two young adult children who lost their jobs and five children ranging in ages from 1 to 9. The family had just moved from a pest and mold infested home and had nothing. Reta got them food from Trinity Food Pantry and went to the store to buy supplies for them, which she delivered on Sunday.
Reta has provided this person and her family a list of resources including assistance for rent, utilities (LIHEAP applications), and diapers. Reta helped them with bills, contacted Salvation Army for furnishings, and Gateway STEM High School homepage link for chrome book access for their daughter in high school.
Reta has provided home visits for wound care & supplies on two occasions to the sister and will continue to monitor until she is seen by a podiatrist.
Because they are balancing so many balls in the air to keep their family together and needs supplied through minimal resources, Reta has been providing them with emotional & spiritual support resources as well.
Their landlord is working with them to convert their house rental into a section 8 and, thus, more affordable for her. The paperwork is in process.
Reta said she will continue to provide whatever support is needed and made available through Deaconess Nurse Ministry.
We are so proud of our Deaconess Nurses to provide this much needed help to people who need it the most during this time. We ask that you support us by donating to our Give STL Day campaign today if you can. Any donation is very much appreciated.
Thank you for always supporting our mission!