In the midst of the current pandemic, getting a flu shot is important to prevent disease. It is especially important this year, to prevent co-current diseases. What that means is to have both flu and Covid-19 at the same time or near the same time. Medical professionals and researchers are concerned that vulnerable populations, such as the elderly, may be effected by both Covid and flu in this upcoming winter. Now is the time to get your flu shot, not only to prevent disease for yourself but for those who are most vulnerable among us, the weak and elderly.
Deaconess Nurse Ministry wants to encourage everyone in this season to get a flu shot. Prevention is key to keeping healthy. It is just one strategy to maintain your health in the midst of the pandemic.
During this season, the Deaconess Nurses are busy doing prevention strategies for all people. Throughout the pandemic the nurses have worked to educate and provide Covid prevention strategies. The nurses have taught about how to wear a mask, washing hands and social distancing. They have given out free masks. Our work includes ensuring that vaccination are up to date for the children and youth at Every Child’s Hope, Kinder cottage in East St. Louis and UP – Caroline Mission. As well, we arrange flu shots for the seniors in senior facilities such as Cape Albeon or Jennings Affordable Housing.
Help us today as we work to prevent illness in our community. Get your flu shot. Wear a mask and socially distance 6 feet when in public spaces. And support our work as we care for our community.

Donna Smith-Pupillo