Guh Shah has PhD in Bio Chemistry and Master of Philosophy in Molecular Biology. Guh Shah is currently a Professor Emeritus at Department of Internal Medicine, Endocrinology St. Louis University, MO.

She has active involvement in interfaith dialogues as part of Interfaith Partnership of St Louis, as well as serving the community through multiple organizations such as: Gateway Human Trafficking, to help raise awareness of human trafficking in St. Louis, MO; Language Access Multicultural People (LAMP), to facilitate communication between a patient and a doctor, a client and a lawyer and between parents and teachers;

More recently, she consented to help with the patients as a nurse (due to unavailability of a nurse), for Salam Free Clinic at Lane Tabernacle CME Church. Salam Clinics are organized by Muslim physicians, they are operating in Christian churches and supported by nurses from Deaconess Nurse Ministry.

Guh Shah has about 100 publications in peer reviewed journals.

Guh Shah is serving the first year as a member of the board starting January of 2021. She considers herself as: “Just an average person with a desire to leave a gathering after making the people feel good and confident about their inherent goodness” She is bringing all areas where her expertise enables her to serve as a board member of Deaconess Nurse Ministry.