Leesa Richardson, RN is one of our wonderful, dedicated nurses. She serves at The Harvest Table soup kitchen in Washington, MO. She is there every Saturday, caring for people who are coming to the soup kitchen.
Please listen to Karen Dawson –  Founder and President of The Harvest Table, shares about how Deaconess Nurse Ministry makes a different in people’s lives: “I am thrilled to be able to write to you and tell you about the incredible work that is being done by the Deaconess Nurse Ministries with our agency called The Harvest Table.
Our agency serves an open community meal every Saturday to anyone who wishes to come and we generally serve between 80 – 100 people. We had been in existence for eight years when we learned about the Deaconess Visiting Program. Being a partner with them has been the best thing that has happened to us! We realized that every week we had people who needed medical help or advice and we were really not qualified to give much assistance. Since the addition of Leesa, our nurses, the entire feel of the mission has changed for the better. People line up to see her and talk to her and as soon as she walks through the door, they migrate to her. She has helped scores of people who have no access to medical help. Giving flu shots to those who can’t afford them, helping pregnant teenage girls who had not had any pre-natal medical care, weekly blood pressure and blood sugar checks for countless of our seniors and other has enriched and saved lives.
I watch with amazement at the number of people who will wait in line to talk to her with great patience and desire for her help. There is no other place that most of these people could receive this kind of care. This has been more than a blessing for all of us. I has opened our eyes to the terrible lack of healthcare for the homeless and the poor. None of this would be possible without the Deaconess Nurse Ministries Program. This program has made a huge difference to so many and has saved lives. It is a true Blessing! “