Mr. JT, a 68 years old, Trinity client was living in poor conditions outside of Central West End area when nurse Reta Kirk met him. He had suffered a stroke a year ago left with some lower extremity weakness & slight shuffle like walk. He also suffers from poor eyesight with blindness in the left eye. Reta  started seeing him on pantry days in conjunction with referral from a social worker at Trinity who was unable to see client in person due to COVID-19 restrictions per her agency.They began working on a plan to move client to safer, affordable housing with St. Raymond’s Senior Living Apartments per recommendation of social worker. Reta took the client to the interview and application process at St. Raymond’s only to discover he was in need of several documents which had been stolen while living at previous location.Over about a three to four week period they were able to secure new ID and Social Security card replacements. Mr. JT has family support with a sister who was able to lend some assistance to him. She receives his mail to keep it secure from lost or thief. Once all his documented information was in place his application process was completed. With the financial assistance of HOPE, (Housing Options Provided for Elderly) his deposit was made and first month’s rent was paid. They also provided for new furniture delivery bedroom outfit including dresser, night stand, mattress and box springs plus nice dining table with four upholstered chairs.Reta then assisted him with moving process the last weekend of October. They were able to pick up other housing needs and supplies at thrift store, Dollar store and Target to get him off to a good start. He brought his big screen TV with him then we found the perfect TV stand at a thrift storeReta has been able to navigate him through a huge outstanding Ameren utility bill, set up a payment plan to offset past due fees and get his electric turned on with a low monthly bill. He needed to reapply for Medicaid and food stamps so Reta asked the social worker at St. Raymond’s to help him with an application. Reta is now working on medical care, physician appointment for general health as well as ophthalmologist for his eyes. He is in need of eyeglasses which she will work on securing.St. Raymond’s is a very well kept, secure, senior building, providing many amenities for their clientele, and is only a block away from the main bus route so he is able to take the bus for transportation. Reta still swings by to pick him up and take him back to Central West End  Trinity for pantry days if he desires.
Reta said: “It is such a huge blessing and very satisfying to know he is safe, has a great place to live and can enjoy his life now despite low income.” And so does Deaconess Nurse Ministry. It is a blessing to have Reta as one of our dedicated nurses.