Ms. R who is a disabled senior met a Deaconess nurse through a Food Pantry where she was looking for many type of assistance. Nurse Reta worked with her to apply for the 100 Neediest Cases. Ms. R was adopted by a very generous donor who received her “Wish list”, then connected with Reta carefully address each of Ms. R’s needs & wishes.

The donor then put together a plan to financially provide the resources Ms. R would need to cover her expenses for medical travel to and from doctor visits, PT appointments and dental visits over this coming year using a Uber gift card.

She will be helping with out of pocket dental expenses for full tooth extraction as well as dentures.

Ms. R was provided a medical support appliance  and orthopedic shoes needed to assist her in walking properly.

The donor gifted her with Amazon gift card to cover other personal and medical OTC expense items needed for this year.

Ms. R’s Wish list also included household items, small personal items, coffee maker and more. She was gifted with a Keurig coffee machine & coffee pods, She received supplies and tools for cleaning.

This gifting was truly a God Blessing poured out on this precious lady who lost so much and has struggled to come back from a devastating stroke in 2021 which left her with major disabilities affecting her right, upper and lower extremities. She has had to learn to walk again and try to adapt to her daily needs because of limited right hand use. She is working to develop balance skills and regain strength.

All of the above gifts blessed her life greatly but the best and most significant gift was getting to meet her donor and the donor’s family. The donor chose to personally deliver gifts to Ms. R, they spent some time visiting with her.

Ms. R was an preschool teacher before retirement so she and the donor’s family made a very significant connection this Christmas Holiday which she will carry in her heart forever!!!

Thankyou  STL 100 Neediest program!